Learning Labs 2015


TechConnex seminars are informative learning sessions designed to leave you with I-can-go-do-that-right-insight. Seminars are organized around issues that are current and vital in the tech sector today. They rely heavily on tech experts who are TechConnex members and have been-there, done-that, and can share insights that work.

Upcoming Seminars:

Cloud Excellence Training Seminar- September 16, 2015

Writing RFP's and Proposals Seminar- September 29, 2015


TechConnex Bootcamps are intensive deep-dive training sessions on a specific topic area of recurring business focus - by subject matter experts and tech industry leaders who have learned and applied the information to better grow their businesses or themselves.

TechConnex Bootcamps are realistic "shortcuts to success".

Upcoming Bootcamps:

Agile Project Management Bootcamp- September 22, 2015

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Topic Suggestions?
We love hearing what you have to say. If there is a topic that you would like us to plan a Bootcamp or Seminar around please let us know!

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